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Beginner Intensive

Are you on a serious timeline to improve? The intensive program is for you! Mandarinpro has the one of the fastest curriculum on the market, our intensive program is designed to accelerate students starting from fresh to fully conversational in 12-16 weeks and work-ready (HSK level 4) in 20 weeks.

Beginner Flexible

If you prefer a more flexible schedule and are starting out fresh, then this program is for you. Learn at your own pace, you will be assigned 2 or more teachers in charge of different areas of your study, and a course designer who will deign lesson plans according to your progress.

Intermediate & Advanced

For students who are past HSK level 4, we offer specialized courses for you. If you are learning for work or academia, we will assign a course designer for you and build a course according to your needs

HSK preparation

If you are studying for the HSK exam, look no further. We have teachers who specialize in guiding you through HSK preparation process. Save hundreds of hours and let our HSK-veterans help you.

What Our Students Say

Christian Sheppard

Financial Times, UK

The school is great for both students and working professionals. The teachers are high caliber and very capable of discussing – and instructing on – niche topics as well as broad language use. I have learned technical language I need for work and had interesting discussions at the same time. Using a range of written and digital materials, lessons have upped my game at work where I often conduct interviews or listen to presentations in mandarin.

Tom Baxter

Greenpeace, Ireland

I’ve been studying at MandarinPro for a year now, taking early classes before work and studying topics ranging from news to classical Chinese to contemporary poetry. I’ve been continually impressed by my teacher’s ability to teach and discuss these diverse topics and feel that both my language skills and my understanding of Chinese culture have improved considerably.

Peter Gangemi

KnowledgeLink Group, USA

I went from HSK Level 1 to HSK Level 5 after taking MandarinPro’s intensive program for just 8 months. I was surprised at my level of progress even within the first six months, during which I was becoming a far more confident Mandarin speaker both in a professional setting and in daily life. The teachers were very hands-on in their approach, and this contributed immensely to helping me achieve my learning goals.

Paul Li

Entrepreneur, USA

I had the opportunity to be a part of two different programs at the school - both of which allowed me to greatly exceed my learning goals. Upon completing a three month intensive program (5 classes per week), I successfully passed my HSK4 certification even though I was testing at an HSK2 level. I also enrolled in a business fluency program (two classes per week), which allowed me to confidently pitch Chinese clients and win engagements within a few months of lessons.

Jeff Hsu

UC Berkeley, USA

MandarinPro is a company with a strong and clear vision, a deep understanding of cross-cultural communication, and with a genuine sense of responsibility for all of its students.

Sally Jensen

Student, USA

I have learned mandarin before in my home country. But they were just random sentences and scattered vocabularies. A friend recommended MandarinPro to me and that quickly changed my experiences. The teaching method here is different, it is systematic and logical and quickly built up a system in my mind for leaning Mandarin. Thanks MandarinPro and the teachers!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the qualifications for my private tutor?

Quality of teachers have always been the top focus of MandarinPro. That’s why we hire the best teachers in the industry. All of our teachers have at least 5+ years of experience teaching foreigners at the forefront. There are no junior teachers at Mandarin Pro. We pay our teachers well so they can deliver the best experience to our students.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa, Paypal, Wechat Pay and most other popular forms of payments.

What is Mandarin Pro's alumni network?

Many students are learning Mandarin with the hope that some day they can seize an opportunity in China or one that involves cooperating with companies in China. Many of our students have found tremendous help from other students in our alumni network post their journey with Mandarin Pro. Read more about our alumni network Here..

How are online classes conducted?

Via MandarinPro's in-house video conferencing software for teaching that guarantees top-notch security and privacy.

What is the cancellation policy?

Students can cancel anytime, no strings attached.

Have other questions?

E-mail us at hello@mandarinpro.com

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