Our Mission:

To help our students become successful professionally and socially.

Our Vision:

MandarinPro is to become a home for all professional expats who are in China, have been to China and/or are interested in exploring China/Chinese culture.

Our Values:

  • Learning how to speak fluently in Mandarin will solve 90% of your problems when interacting with other Chinese people.
  • Focus and dedication is the core to learning Mandarin.
  • The journey of 1000 miles start with the first step. If you plan to learn Mandarin, why not start today?

What is MandarinPro?

Mandarin is the most widely spoken language in the world. In the past two decades, China has become the quintessential landmark of opportunities. Unfortunately, not everyone can ride this economic rocket ship. In order to participate, you need to speak and read Mandarin, well.

So, what is the problem? Mandarin is hard. But too many people don’t realize that. The go-to method today for most people to learn Mandarin is still self-teaching language apps, watching youtube videos, try to learn from a friend and even trusting AI-powered practice questions. Its no wonder we seldom see an expat speaking fluent Mandarin. These methods simply don't work. If you want to speak and read at the level you desire, you need a personalized interactive lesson plan and a well-versed private tutor.

Mandarin Pro was founded on the principle of quality teaching. We will do whatever it takes to make sure our students learn the language as quickly as possible. We have been in the business of helping foreign professionals succeed in China for a decade. Our students have high standards for us to meet. So, we spent years designing and developing our own curriculum. Our teaching methods have been tried and trued with hundreds of students in the past, you can check out some feedbacks here.

If you are serious about learning Mandarin, then try Mandarin Pro. Here you will join a big family of serious Mandarin learners, well connected founders, and an elite alumni network of professionals pursuing or planning on pursuing opportunities in China.

Make friends, learn Mandarin, and have fun at MandarinPro :)

Survival Chinese

Designed for students with little Mandarin Experience. This program aims to quickly elevate the student's oral communication skills, their fluency and pronunciation, helping them reach everyday conversation level.

Business Chinese

Designed to help more advanced students (HSK level 4 and above), with improving their language from well-spoken to business professional level. Students should expect to be able to work comfortably in a Chinese-speaking environment following completion of this program.

HSK Prep course

Designed to help students who are currently preparing to take the HSK exams. This program is designed to guide you through practice questions and provide guidance so you can study effectively. Students who enroll in this program typically spend 50% less time than studying on their own.

Specialized courses

Designed for students who are looking to improve their language proficiency in a niche field. Our teachers will design a specialized course just for you based on what you want to learn and how you want to learn.

Intensive program

Intensive programs are designed to help students who want to improve as fast as possible. A typical schedule involves 20 classes per week.

Flexible program

Students in the flexible program can learn on their own schedule. A minimum of 2 classes per week is recommended for optimal result.


MandarinPro Team